Kitten Chronicles, part 3

First, an update on Abracadabra, my first foster after a 17-year absence from the fostering world. When I was at the shelter last Saturday she hadn’t been adopted. There were so many kittens to choose from and she just kept getting overlooked. I was taking it personally, which is silly of course. But when I went in for my volunteer shift today I got the good news that she went home with her new “dad” yesterday. He wanted a playful and adventurous kitten, and he got one! Have a great life together!


Mouse and her bablies are doing great. She’s such a sweet cat and a good mother. She likes some love and attention too, and moms deserve that.

Mom 4 Mom 1 Mom 2

The little ones are growing and moving around the nursery a lot more, and I can hear them mewing from other parts of the house as their voices gain strength.

4 in a box

Here is 15 day old Sugar Glider:


Ferrett (I know it should be Ferret with one “t” but I didn’t do the names):




And last, but not least, Ratticus:


Meanwhile, the resident pets don’t seem particularly impressed!

IMG_6715 IMG_4851 Einstein

It’s all a great distraction and tool for procrastination from studying over this 3-day weekend. I have what I need to do laid out like a battle plan. Tomorrow I go forth!

IMG_5507 IMG_5506

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