Kitten Chronicles, 4 weeks old!

As I was sitting on the floor beside the kittens’ “nursery” (big cardboard box) this morning, in my pajamas, late for work, taking yet more cell phone pictures, I realized they are 4 weeks old today! They are getting very active and starting to try to tunnel out of the box. There is a little door I can cut out of it when it’s time, and they can run around the kitten-proofed bathroom. But I think I’ll give momma Mouse a few more days to be able to have a space of her own (a room of her own, a la Virginia Wolff?). They are going into the shelter vet today for their first vaccinations; I hope it’s not too traumatic. Today’s post will be mostly pictures.

Good morning, and happy birthday to us! (Top to bottom: Sugar Glider, Ferret, Ratticus, and Chinchilla.)

from above

Momma Mouse taking a lap break.


Never fear, little ones, Mom is here!

moms here

Sugar Glider, “Look at me, momma!”

look at me mom

Sugar Glider, everybody’s buddy:

Sugar Glider

Ferret, feisty girl:


Ratticus, the instigator:


And last but not least, sweet little Chinchilla:

Chinchilla curled up

I am going to Chicago this weekend, but they will be in the fine and capable hands of trusted family amenable to housesitting surrounded by animal friends.


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